BimmerWorld BMWs Are Well Suited for Saturday’s Race at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park


BimmerWorld Racing approaches one of the fastest circuits in North America with confidence, as the Dublin, Va.-based team feels its turbocharged BMW 328i (F30 chassis) race cars are well suited for Saturday’s 2.5-hour IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge (ICTSC) race at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville, Ontario.

The cars’ 2-liter turbo engines are expected to excel on the long straights at the 2.459-mile road course, and the BMWs’ Performance Friction brake package should help them handle the circuit’s challenging 10 turns efficiently during the series’ only event outside of the United States this season.

James Clay and Tyler Cooke will share the team’s No. 84 OPTIMA Batteries BMW 328i while its No. 81 BimmerWorld BMW 328i will be driven by Jerry Kaufman and Kyle Tilley.

Saturday’s race starts at 12:25 p.m. EDT. Live video streaming is available at and

James Clay, team owner and driver, No. 84 OPTIMA Batteries BMW 328i (F30 chassis):
When Saturday’s race concludes, we’re at the halfway point of the season. What grade do you give your team for the season so far, and why? What have been your biggest challenges and your biggest accomplishments so far? Are you on track to meet your goals? If not, what do you need to do to achieve them?
“As a team, I think to the midway point of the season we get an A. We have been competitive in the top of the field, scored two poles and a podium, and are a championship contender at this point. We have overcome significant development stumbling blocks of what I feel is the most technically difficult driveline in the series currently. We had one minor stumbling block at Daytona with an issue that forced an early retirement of our car that was fighting for the lead. This BimmerWorld team keeps pushing to move forward, and the second half of the season should see the results of the foundation laid to date.”

What do you think is the most challenging portion of the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park circuit, and why? Why do so many drivers have problems with Turn 2?
“To me, Turn 8 is what separates the group at Mosport. I love the track because Turn 4 takes total foot-to-the-floor commitment, and Turn 2 urges you to touch the brakes as lightly as possible before plunging down the hill into the apex. But the braking for Turn 8 is right before a bump and you want to brake deeper, but you have to initiate before the bump, but scrub as little speed as possible and roll through the turn. This is the only turn I can think of that rolls in so many elements and is so difficult to master each stage of the corner.”

How suited are your BMWs for this particular circuit?
“Our Performance Friction brake package is incredibly strong and there are a couple of turns at CTMP that put it to the test. Our 2L turbo engine is making good power for the long pull up the back straight, and we make good grip in high-speed turns. This track historically suits us well.”

Canadians are known for their passion for motorsports. Have you ever experienced this first hand? If so, in what way?
“I love the Canadian fans! They are some of the most passionate I have ever seen. CTMP, or Mosport for the last decade-plus for me, is the perfect venue. It’s an amazing track, and after the race, it is unparalleled as a place to walk around the infield and mingle with the fans.”

Tyler Cooke, driver, No. 84 OPTIMA Batteries BMW 328i (F30 chassis):
How did you break your wrist, and how are you driving with a broken wrist? That would seem to be very uncomfortable at the very least. How are you coping?
“While coaching a client at Mid-Ohio, I found out moped driving requires skills that I clearly don’t have. I was sitting on top of a hill at Turn 8, watching for my client, as I began to roll downwards. Instead of grabbing the brakes I took a handful of throttle and ended up rolling off and landing on my right wrist. Let’s just say that next time, I’ll be walking the track.

“Despite what the doctors told me, I was able to test my wrist out while instructing at Monticello. It handled great with minimal pain, which gave me the confidence to race at Watkins Glen this past weekend. After the race on Saturday, my wrist felt tight but not too much to handle. I’m resting it all week in preparation for this upcoming weekend at CTMP.”

Your BMW qualified second for this race last year, just 0.179 off the pole and new track record. Were you driving for that run, or was your co-driver? The next-closest BMW was only 0.729 off your car’s time but ended up starting 11th. What does this say about the level of competition in the series?
“Last year, my co-driver at the time, Andrie, qualified the car, putting down a great lap! The competition is really intense; that’s why the Continental series is one of the greatest out there. I’m looking forward to this race with my new co-driver, James Clay, after a good run at Watkins Glen.”

What makes Canadian Tire Motorsport Park great?
“The extremely fast, blinding corners and no place to really slow down make it one of the most unique tracks in the world. It’s one of the hardest tracks on our circuit for passing reasons. I love the challenge as a driver, and I am looking forward to pushing for a better result this year with a great car!”

Kyle Tilley, driver, No. 81 BimmerWorld BMW 328i (F30 chassis):
You’re coming off your best finish of the year. What did you do differently at Watkins Glen, and how can you continue to improve?
“Watkins Glen still wasn’t the result Jerry, our fantastic BimmerWorld team, and I strive for. However, it was a definite step forward and (hopefully!) a stepping stone to another great result this weekend at Mosport.”

You mentioned that at The Glen, your car’s balance wasn’t as good on a full fuel load as it was later in the race. What changes can you make to alleviate that?
“At The Glen I struggled with the car on a full fuel load. Having debriefed with Wayne, our car chief, we have a plan to combat that this weekend. We plan to do a full fuel load simulation in testing, which is something that we haven’t done before.”

You’re British; in what way is Canadian Tire Motorsport Park like tracks in Europe, and in what ways is it different?
“Mosport is actually a lot like the tracks back home! It’s fast, flowing, and there isn’t a lot of room for error! Again like The Glen, it has a very old-school feel and, like The Glen, is a track I very much enjoy!”

Jerry Kaufman, driver, No. 81 BimmerWorld BMW 328i (F30 chassis):
You’re coming off your best finish of the year. What did you do differently at Watkins Glen, and how can you continue to improve?
“We had our best finish at Watkins Glen, but it wasn’t an unusual performance. We stayed incident free and turned consistently quick laps. We are certainly looking to do the same at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. CTMP is the fastest regular road course in North America, so the key will be to carry momentum through the fast corners and get on full power before everyone else. We were pretty good at that at Watkins Glen, so things are looking really good for us.”

How do you think the BMWs will fair at this track? Does it suit them, or will other tracks suit them better?
“The BMW has great high-speed stability, and it makes great low-end torque. Turn 5 at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park is a very slow corner that leads onto a very long straightaway.  I think the torque from the turbocharged BMW engine should give us a nice advantage on that critical part of the track.”

What will be the keys to doing well in Saturday’s race?
“Honestly, I don’t think the race strategy on Saturday will be much different than last Saturday.  Keep the car out of trouble, and keep turning fast laps. Having the fastest lap time is not important in a 2.5-hour race, but having a very fast average lap time is critical.”

This track has a very active BMW Club. How important has the BMW Club been in your career? In a few sentences, can you tell us the most important ways it helps a young driver starting out?
“I raced at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park for the first time last year and it was with the BMW CCA. The people who race with the club could not be any nicer to be around and helpful to rookies or novice racers. I started my racing career with the BMW CCA, and I honestly can’t think of a better way. The club provides more track time for the money than any other organization I’ve competed with, and they have a no-tolerance policy on contact which keeps costs down and heightens a driver’s situational awareness.”



ABOUT: BimmerWorld is renowned as a leader in BMW aftermarket and tuning expertise, and competes in the Continental Tire Series with a pair of BMW 328is (F30) where the Virginia-based outfit has become a routine winner and Championship contender.

Breakout Drive in Canada for BimmerWorld Rookie Inspires Team Ahead of Connecticut Race


The highlight of BimmerWorld’s visit to Canadian Tire Motorsports Park on the outskirts of Toronto came with the standout performance of its Continental Tire Series rookie Andrie Hartanto. Driving the turbocharged No. 81 BimmerWorld BMW 328i with teammate Tyler Cooke, Hartanto pushed the F30-platform BMW to second place in qualifying at the high-speed road course, and quickly transitioned his front-row spot it into leading the Street Tuner class at CTMP.

The sister No. 84 OPTIMA Batteries BMW 328i driven by BimmerWorld team owner James Clay and Jason Briedis qualified 11th, and with Briedis starting the 2h30m race, the second-year racer followed Hartanto’s theme by moving forward during the opening stint.

Cooke and Clay would took over their respective F30s with plans of racing to the podium, but rising ambient temperatures limited the results for both BimmerWorld entries, leaving the No. 81 an unrepresentative 10th at the finish and the OPTIMA Batteries BMW close behind in 13th.

“Andrie was a standout this weekend, qualifying the car on the front row to match Jason’s best this year, and leading much of his stint,” Clay said. “Our cars clearly have the speed but on a hotter track with high intake temps, especially when we start to get back in the pack, we are still hurting a little with heat-soaked turbo motors.

“These are great lessons that will help us improve the products we offer our clients, and we are working with the series to develop a package with more consistent performance across variable weather conditions. For now, we will pray for colder days until those updates are approved.”

For Hartanto, who brings years of semi-pro experience to his maiden season in the Continental Tire Series, the chance to run up front was a demonstration of his capabilities and the collective strength offered within the BimmerWorld team.

“I’ve always been confident in my ability to run up front, however the credit goes to my teammates Jason Briedis, James Clay, and Tyler Cooke,” he said. “They got me up to speed very quickly at a track I had never been to. It was surreal taking the lead, but it felt even better recapturing it and finishing my stint on top. I hope to improve my qualifying performance next at Lime Rock and get the win for the team and my longtime sponsors who have always believed in me.”

And for Cooke, who has developed into one of the series’ top young pros, the run to 10th only hinted at the potential within BimmerWorld’s developing BMW F30 package.

“We had a car that showed we could hang with the top guys,” he noted. “Andrie did a great job getting the lead and staying there. James and I looked like we were going to have a good run together and we still did. A top-10 finish and having the car lead is great and gives confidence to the team. I’m going into Lime Rock confident we will have a good finish with both cars. The team is working very hard day in and day out which is why BimmerWorld is one of the best teams in the paddock.”

The pace and frequency of the 2015 season continues to increase as the next race at Connecticut’s Lime Rock Park arrives next week. Based on the potential shown at CTMP, Clay hopes it will carry into the short bullring circuit.

“Lime Rock will be a very fast weekend for us – in and out in just over 24 hours,” he said. “We have these F30 BMWs really dialed in and we are unloading with a solid setup, so I feel like we have a small advantage there. The race is earlier in the day, so I am hoping to see some cooler weather which will put us on par with the field for power and capable of fighting for our first series win with the new platform.”

Briedis is also looking forward to taking BimmerWorld’s OPTIMA Batteries BMW into the thick of the fight at Lime Rock.

“I enjoy the good close racing that Lime Rock provides, the short laps, and all the battles throughout the field,” he said. “Although the smaller cars tend to dominate there, we are hoping that we can be the best of the rest and maybe get some luck with strategy to surprise the pre-race favorites.”



ABOUT: BimmerWorld is renowned as a leader in BMW aftermarket and tuning expertise, and competes in the Continental Tire Series with a pair of BMW 328is (F30) where the Virginia-based outfit has become a routine winner and Championship contender.

BimmerWorld Sees Breakthrough with New Turbocharged BMW F30 Chassis in Canada


A trip north of the border to the famed Mosport road course resulted in BimmerWorld’s brightest day of the season with its brand-new turbocharged BMW 328i built on the F30 chassis platform. Just past the halfway point of the Continental Tire Series season, BimmerWorld team owner/driver James Clay and teammate Jason Briedis came home fifth in the Street Tuner class as the duo used all of the handling, braking and acceleration available to shine in Canada.

“BimmerWorld has delivered a strong F30 racecar to us this year and we have found every bit of bad luck possible it seems,” said Clay. “We have known all along that we just needed a solid weekend, and this one was it. I love Mosport and it has always been a good track for both me as a driver and a well-balanced BMW platform. Certainly there is more to come from Jason and I this year, and this was a nice step in the right direction.”

BimmerWorld made the bold decision to take on the sizeable F30 development project to build tows the future in the Street Tuner class, and to expand the Virginia-based team’s expertise and aftermarket offerings for the German sedan. With one F30 and three BMW E90s competing under the BimmerWorld tent this year, Clay says at its current rate of development, a second F30 is in the pipeline to replace one of the E90s.

“The new F30 is proving to be a very capable racecar, which is exactly what I would expect from the next generation of BMWs,” he continued. “We have a second car in the shop that will enter the series soon and I have had a lot of internal interest in getting it on track after the potential we have seen this year. The schedule is quite tight at this point in the season, and we aren’t going to put a car on track that isn’t ready to win, so I would expect it to debut in the next few races once we are able to fully test it.”

The fifth-place result for the No. 84 BimmerWorld F30 also represented the top finish within the team at Mosport, and Clay credits his rookie co-driver, who worked his way up through BimmerWorld’s Driver Development program, for a big part of the excellent outcome.

“Jason really clicked with the track this weekend,” he explained. “We are both getting really tuned in at this point of the year and I feel like we are melding into a strong pairing in the new equipment. It is always enjoyable to watch drivers develop in the series and progress, and I have been happy with the performances of our new guys this year. But as we continue to dig hard, the best is yet to come.”

UP NEXT FOR BIMMERWORLD: Indianapolis Motor Speedway, July 25

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No. 80 BimmerWorld BMW 328i (E90), Corey Fergus & Eric Zimmermann: Qualified P20, Finished P26

Corey Fergus: Mosport was a better track for the BMWs. It was my first time racing there, but I quickly realized how great of a track it was. It’s all about momentum and carrying speed without slowing the car down too much. It’s a true driver’s track. Everything just came together for me and it really clicked. The car felt great and I felt fast; like I was where I needed to be. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to show my stuff. That’s racing I guess.

No. 81 BimmerWorld BMW 328i (E90), Greg Liefooghe & Tyler Cooke: Qualified P8, finished P10

Tyler Cooke: P10 isn’t a bad result at all, but it’s also not the best result we wanted. The race was a tough race with a track that is very hard to pass. P10 has still kept us in the points and I think we have a great shot to do well at Indianapolis.

No. 82 BimmerWorld BMW 328i (E90), Seth Thomas & Dan Rogers: Qualified P19, Finished P12

Seth Thomas: Our race was pretty typical of a race at Mosport where it becomes a chess match on how to gain positions. I didn’t play chess that well this weekend as I picked some of the wrong moves on the restarts where I would either get pushed off the track or would have to back out of the throttle to avoid a wreck. After that I got stuck behind a car that was really good at accelerating out of the turns but not so great on corner entry. It didn’t seem to matter how well I would get the entry right I didn’t have the speed coming out to make the move stick going into the next turn. Towards the end my tires were going away so I did what I could to keep my spot. Overall it was a race where I am glad we came home with some points.

No. 84 BimmerWorld BMW 328i (F30), James Clay & Jason Briedis: Qualified P15, Finished P5

Jason Briedis: It was definitely satisfying running closer to the front of the field. It’s also nice to be seeing improvement each weekend. We have put the car in a good position during several of the last races so it’s nice to get a finish reflective of our capability.