BimmerWorld Claims VIR 13 Hour Endurance Race Win

November 3rd, 2008


Dublin, VA

Sprint racing has served as BimmerWorld

BimmerWorld Leaves Road Atlanta Finale Wanting More

October 9th, 2008


The members of BimmerWorld Racing will look back at 2008 with a full range of memories and emotions. The final tally will reflect a win, numerous podiums, fastest laps, and awards across the three-car BMW E90 World Challenge Touring Car effort. But the ultimate goal of the team

BimmerWorld: Ready to Roll at Road Atlanta

October 2nd, 2008


“It has certainly been a season of ups and downs and coming into Road Atlanta, I feel like we are hitting on all cylinders both as a team and behind the wheel,” said BimmerWorld’s owner/driver James Clay about the team’s season to date. “We just got back from testing and I feel good about our upcoming race weekend.”

2008 has been a mixed bag of results for the team from Dublin, Virginia. A win in August at Elkhart Lake by James Clay has certainly added momentum to help BimmerWorld close out the season on a high note. The team has made a huge leap forward in competitiveness, and Clay wants to end the year in style. “I had higher expectations than having our three drivers in the top 10 in points coming into this year; we’re hungry for a championship, but winning two of the last three races will go a long way as a consolation prize.”

With the cars carrying added support from sponsor GearWrench for the Road Atlanta finale, Clay’s says his BMW E90 team is gaining strength at just the right time. “I was excited to work with them through the full season, and the increase in their support is certainly welcome. It is a valuable partnership to the team and one that not only helps the racing effort but helps the guys on the team who are able to have boxes full of GearWrench tools to make their jobs easier.”

For Seth Thomas, driver of the #38 BimmerWorld/GearWrench BMW, the growth of GearWrench’s participation is a sign of bigger and better things to come. “I think GearWrench stepping up their support of BimmerWorld is just perfect – it

BimmerWorld Drivers Send a Message at Mosport

August 26th, 2008


“As soon as the lights went out and I rocketed into second to start pressing for the lead, I was completely convinced that we would win,” said James Clay, owner and driver of the #36 BimmerWorld BMW E90.

Clay, a winner just two weeks ago at the Road America round of the SCCA SPEED World Challenge Touring Car championship, endured the frustrations that can come when a top finishing position is at hand.

Clay’s E90 suffered an axle shaft failure with the race leader firmly in his sights. “If you race long enough, you will have mechanical failures. That’s the first time we have broken that specific part, but we will certainly be doing some engineering analysis and replacements on the cars to prevent this from happening again.”

The outcome of the race might have been different had the part held on for just a few more laps. “I would say that it came at about the most inopportune time possible at Mosport, but it is a part of racing. I feel like I had the race well in my control and it was a matter of time before I made a move on Chip Herr for the lead. The car was perfect up until the axle went, and I think we had a great shot at claiming two in a row.”

Clay wasn’t the only BimmerWorld driver to agonize over a lost opportunity. Teammate Seth Thomas was poised to deliver a top-3 finish when an unsuccessful pass for second place relegated the #38 BMW E90 back to 12th place.

“My race was probably a little bit better than James had, but I don’t have the results to show it. I made a mistake trying to gain one more spot on the last lap — not being able to pull off the attempted pass for 2nd is the only downside of the weekend for me, but we aren’t satisfied with scoring safe results. We know we can win and that’s where our focus is at. If I see an opportunity to move up a spot or two, that’s just what I’ll try to do. Even if it didn’t work out here, everything else is very positive from this weekend.”

The #34 Debt Cures BMW of Nick Esayian encountered far less drama during his march from 13th to 9th at the checkered flag. “Unlike James and Seth, my race was relatively uneventful. I had a good start but lost momentum when I was pinched into the wall. Picking up four spots was good, and now I’m focused on a big finish at Road Atlanta to get into the top ten in Championship Points. Having all three of us in the top-10 in points at the end of the season would say a lot for the growth and strength of this team.”

While the results last weekend might not show it, the BimmerWorld trio left Mosport with high expectations for the season finale at Road Atlanta, October 4th. With a month to prepare and test, the BimmerWorld crew will be working non-stop to get their cars back to victory circle. Clay is confident the cars and crew led by Jason Marks will be ready to put on a show in Georgia. “We have a few more things in development for our E90’s for Atlanta. I can’t say exactly what they are, but we’re confident of our chances. We’re aiming to fill the podium in front of the home crowd!”

BimmerWorld’s Seth Thomas can’t wait to get the race weekend in his home state under way. “We have these cars figured out and dialed in. Mosport was a great track for us to show what we can do, and so was Road America, but Road Atlanta is my home race; it’s the one I want more than anything. We came close last year and I’m counting the days until I can show everybody what we can do this year. We’ll be ready to put on a show, I guarantee it.”

Watch BimmerWorld battle to the front in Mosport at 1 p.m. ET this Wednesday, August 27th on SPEED. offers exclusive driver blogs, photo galleries, and in-car videos for a complete media experience from the leading BMW Touring Car team in North America.


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BimmerWorld: Mosport SPEED World Challenge Touring Car Preview

August 19th, 2008


The BimmerWorld BMW World Challenge team sets down at one of their favorite events this weekend at the high speed circuit just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Surrounded by picturesque hills at the tree-lined 2.5 mile circuit, Mosport famously demands both car and driver to perform at their maximum to earn a top finish.

After a commanding victory at Elkhart Lake two weeks ago, BimmerWorld’s owner/driver James Clay has his sights set on taming Mosport’s rollercoaster-esque track.

“Elkhart Lake was a wonderful achievement for BimmerWorld and I think it confirmed that we’re at a good stage of development with our BMW E90 race cars. We figured something out at Road America on the setup and the car is very good right now. Hopefully, that advantage will continue for a few races. One thing we are able to bring into Mosport is some enthusiasm from the entire team, which always makes the workday seem shorter. It’s never easy to win in World Challenge, and I don’t expect Mosport to be anything less than another huge fight, but we’re up for another battle.”

Seth Thomas, driver of the #38 BMW, doesn’t mind the spotlight shining on the BimmerWorld team. “I would say that we now have everyone talking and have the other team’s attention. They have known we can win for a while now but until we delivered they didn’t really pay attention to it. I hope to follow James’ example and drive to the front at Mosport.”

“I think any type of real sport requires a certain level of confidence to be successful,” said Nick Esayian, pilot of the #34 Debt Cures E90, about the team’s boost in morale. “Tom Brady doesn’t walk onto the field and say, ‘Maybe I’ll throw a completion today.’ When you have had some misfortune that confidence level isn’t where it needs to be

BimmerWorld: James Clay Wins Elkhart Lake SPEED Touring Car Race

August 11th, 2008


In a season thus far dominated by factory teams, BimmerWorld’s breakthrough at Elkhart Lake was a popular one amongst fans and drivers. “I never knew what to expect after I got my first win the Touring Car, but it seems like the entire paddock-guys like Peter Cunningham, Pierre Kleinubing, and the rest of the guys made a point to congratulate me and the rest of the team. It means a lot. I think they understand how hard we’ve been working to make this happen.”

After heartbreak at Elkhart Lake in 2004 and 2006, Clay wasn’t willing to let the likelihood of winning distract him until he dove past the checkered flag. “I’ve been here before…I’ve had races I could have won before and have known it was something our team was ready for, but so often something silly would happen and the win would slip away. I wouldn’t let myself celebrate until I passed the start finish line.”

At a time when most drivers would be jumping up and down in a burst of emotion, Clay took his first win in stride. “I knew we could win all weekend long. I don’t mean to sound matter of fact, but this result is what I knew I was capable of and what I knew our car and team was capable of all year long. I’m really happy to have won, but I’m not surprised; if anything, it reaffirms that we have the right ingredients and can win more races.”

Clay’s elation to claim his first win was measured with appreciation and respect paid to the technicians that build and run all three BimmerWorld BMW E90’s. “The biggest thing I have to say is that this wasn’t my win today catches up with James Clay

August 8th, 2008



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BimmerWorld: Elkhart Lake SPEED World Challenge Touring Car Preview

August 7th, 2008


While they’ve all had highs and lows, the team’s mixed fortunes at Elkhart are a blend of comedy and misery. For Nick Esayian – pilot of the #34 Debt Cures BMW E90, the state is responsible for his college education and also his racing education.

“It was my home track when I started racing there in 1992 until I moved in late 1995. I had quite a few wins there along the way, but I’m still fishing for one in World Challenge.” You’ll have to excuse Nick–his memories of the track have a few gaps, thanks to one race that ended in unconsciousness! “Certainly one of my worst memories was getting KO’d in the Kink a few years back. I didn’t even remember my son’s 1st birthday party which occurred later that day.”

Team owner and driver James Clay, pilot of the #36 BimmerWorld BMW, has avoided head trauma at the track, but that’s not to say he hasn’t been knocked around a bit. “My last two World Challenge weekends at Elkhart amassed 4 incidents, split evenly between 2 barrel rolls and 2 walls. I love the track and I think it is about time it loved me!”

Lumps not withstanding, Road America has also left a few presents at Esayian’s doorstep. “My fondest memory was the Cat SCCA National in 1994. Chrysler arranged for me to get the first NEON ACR (American Club Racer) off the line so we could run the race and promote the ACR program. Something broke on the car the first practice lap and we had it towed back to Milwaukee. The late Jerry Zimmerman and I had to drive it back to the track that night after we fixed it in a blizzard on shaved tires! We were almost killed a dozen times during the drive. It’s a longer story with a lot of twists, foul weather and phalanx of great folks involved, but in the end, I think I finished 2nd to Galati in the race. It’s a grand track that brings back a lot of memories for me.”

Now racing the finest BMW touring car in North America, Esayian’s anxious to get this year’s race weekend underway. “The E90 should stretch its legs there, and we should do just fine, but I am done with predictions. The guys wrenching on our cars have done great work for us this year and they deserve a win. The time for talk is over.”

Seth Thomas hopes his #38 BMW E90 can push back against the Japanese cars that have remained in a favorable competitive specification all season. “They’ve won all 7 rounds this year, but I know our cars are capable of winning too. We’ve worked tirelessly all year. Let’s hope the Series steps up before the season is over.”

James Clay is in a similar frame of mind. “Certainly if we have a speed advantage we will do well and the sweeping corners help our cause, but if some of the other teams pull out more Mystery Speed Oil, we’ll be in store for another challenging event. We’ll know in a few days time.”

Unlike some race weekends that are held in less than inspiring venues, the BimmerWorld team is prepared to make the most of their time spent in the colorful surrounding’s of Wisconsin’s most famous race track. Clay sees the opportunity to enjoy the local foods as something that can’t be missed. “With the race on Sunday, I plan to be in Wisconsin for 5 hard days of work on the track. Unfortunately, this may eliminate a little bit of fun that the area offers, but we’ll be sure to make some time for double-brats and a bit of steak.”

Esayian’s goals for an overload of carnivorous delights and sampling the local libations are a notch or two above Clay’s. “Let the dining and drinking commence! Swartz’s is one of my favorite places to eat so I’ll most likely be hitting the prime rib there five nights straight, and then plan to wash it down with some booze to keep my heart from calcifying. No fancy atmosphere; just great food. My James Hunt years of bad behavior are over so I’ll save the heavy boozing for a post podium romp.”

Follow all of the action from Wisconsin this weekend at with driver blogs, photo galleries, and exclusive in-car videos for your viewing pleasure.


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BimmerWorld Drivers Make the Most out of a Challenging Mid-Ohio Race

July 22nd, 2008


The BimmerWorld SPEED World Challenge Touring Car team unloaded their rapid BMW E90’s at Mid-Ohio with dreams of repeating their 2007 win at the Lexington, Ohio track firmly in mind. The three-car team would leave Mid-Ohio without that win, but have high hopes for their cars to be able to show their true competitive form at the remaining rounds.

“Certainly none of the teams are sitting still, including us,” said team owner/driver James Clay. “We not only managed to repair the cars after Watkins but also upgraded the suspension design and got some testing in. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to close the gap. The other teams also sped up a bit through the weekend

BimmerWorld: Getting to Know Nick Esayian

July 11th, 2008


BimmerWorld BMW SCCA World Challenge driver Nick Esayian is known in the racing world as a lighthearted character, but behind the quick wit and biting sarcasm stands a self-made businessman whose interests and skills are as varied as any in the World Challenge paddock.

New to the BimmerWorld fold in 2008, Esayian quickly adapted to the team

BimmerWorld: Watkins Glen SPEED TC — When Good Turns to Bad in 45 Minutes

June 20th, 2008


The old racing adage about needing to ‘win or be spectacular’ was never more evident as a crash in the final corner found all three BimmerWorld BMW E90’s involved and out of the race on the spot.

Recounting the events of the impact, BimmerWorld owner/driver James Clay, at the center of the crash that involved teammates Nick Esayian and Seth Thomas, stated “I came into Turn 11 and just couldn’t find any front end grip. I got the car pointed, but needed about 3″ more track than I had. As soon as the car touched the tire wall, it got sucked in and started this chain of events. I am very glad that Daniels who was behind me, as well as my teammates and myself made it through the incident without any real injury.”

Bumps and bruises are a normal part of top-tier touring car racing, but despite this, Clay’s crash left him in awe of the BMW E90’s BimmerWorld has built. “This wreck was violent and the scariest I have ever been in. It is a real testament to the safety we’ve engineered into these racing cars.”

Despite the lost opportunities of a strong finish at Watkins Glen, the competitiveness of the cars has Clay remaining upbeat for the rest of the season. “The cars keep getting better. I know we have the power right now, but we still seem to be fighting a little bit of an uphill battle with the grip. I was running in 5th and also visited 3rd place briefly on the first restart before losing a place to slot in, and being shuffled. This seemed like it was going to be a good race before disaster struck, but there’s no reason for us to let a bad weekend at Watkins set us back.”

A team like BimmerWorld would rather gain media attention from its success, but Clay has seen the interest come pouring in over their crash footage. “Our crash made SPEED on Wind Tunnel AND SPEED Report

BimmerWorld Builds Momentum at Lime Rock World Challenge Double-Header

May 28th, 2008


In the unique ‘two races in three days’ format held over Memorial Day weekend at the Lakeville, Connecticut track, drivers Seth Thomas, Nick Esayian, and James Clay found mixed fortunes between the first race held on Saturday and the second race held on Monday.

Seth Thomas, starting 5th on Saturday and 10th on Monday, had a reversal of fortune, finishing 10th on Saturday and 4th on Monday.

3-car BimmerWorld BMW team continues to build momentum going into the Lime Rock double-header this weekend.

May 21st, 2008

BimmerWorld Back on Track after Thrilling VIR World Challenge Race

April 28th, 2008


Add in the massive crowd supporting the BimmerWorld boys, and round two of the 2008 SCCA SPEED World Challenge Touring Car championship was a classic event for all of those in attendance.

For Seth Thomas, VIR served as a weekend of career bests and highlights at every turn.

BimmerWorld: Down Time

April 23rd, 2008


In addition to owning the BimmerWorld Racing team, Clay also owns and runs the parent company, his BimmerWorld BMW aftermarket, sales, and development business that serve owners and enthusiasts of the famed German brand. With two businesses on his shoulders and his weekends packed with other track activities, this weekend

BimmerWorld Video: Seth Thomas Sebring In-Car Race 2008

April 2nd, 2008


Thomas, forced to start from the back of the brutally tough SPEED World Challenge Touring Car field at the season opening round in Sebring, Florida, has just 45 minutes to work his way to the front of the field. Seth has no choice but to start attacking immediately; his car control on cold tires on the opening lap is a sight to be seen. Thomas clearly isn

BimmerWorld’s Nick Esayian Featured on

March 31st, 2008


The sharp wit and occasionally sharp tongue of BimmerWorld BMW World Challenge Touring Car driver Nick Esayian is featured this week on Esayian, enjoying his first weekend in the three-car BMW E90 team, shares an unfiltered recap of the highs and lows of his Sebring race weekend, round one of the Touring Car championship.

BimmerWorld Survives Rollercoaster Opener at Sebring

March 19th, 2008


BimmerWorld BMW E90 team mates James Clay, Seth Thomas, and Nick Esayian will look back at the 2008 Sebring opener with mixed feelings.

BimmerWorld Enters 2008 World Challenge Season with New Names and Faces

February 29th, 2008

BimmerWorld Unveils New

January 18th, 2008


SPEED Touring Car BMW team BimmerWorld announced today the launch of their new